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Jessie & Katey

main lobby

Jessie & Katey are two bad-ass women. Don’t let their tiny stature fool you – these ladies bring hustle and big, bold, mind-widening ideas to life across the country and, lucky for us, in Guild. Their clean lines and bright colors appear to happen with ease. But the truth is, this is a physically challenging and carefully planned installation. Their paint-spattered clothing and contagious energy are a testament to their total engagement in the work. We watched them refer to grid paper and use a level – stand back, and then go back at it with large brushes and cans of paint. They bring energy, whimsy, and joy to the Guild Gallery. Jessie & Katey are a force of nature.

What drew you together?

We were in art school together making art side by side. Our personalities meshed. We lived together in a warehouse in Baltimore, and painted the entire inside! One year we answered every single call for art public art work. We hustled. We love making art together and have been fortunate to do installations across the country.

How are your personalities reflected in your work?

We both have bold, loud personalities. We love big impact, high contrast work. It just fits us. We are kind of bold and in your face.

How did you find your signature style?

We love to get the biggest transformation in paint possible. We work from small details to the large. We like movement and even if it looks basic, we really labor over it.

How did you come up with your idea for the mural in Guild?

We wanted to do something transformative in the space. We were inspired by the architecture and the clean lines. We carried our design onto the ceiling because we wanted to make this space be totally immersive.